USTAKİP - Usta Takip Sistemi

What is USTAKIP?

Every great business starts with a great relationship. Every great relationship starts with You. The strategy you take in establishing, developing and maintaining these relationships is your USTAKIP strategy.

The system that support this strategy is your USTAKIP. With USTAKIP software, your company will gain insights across marketing, sales and support so everyone is working toward common goals. USTAKIP offers companies unrivaled flexibility to design CRM applications and processes that expose the right information, making more successful partners and happier customers.

USTAKIP simplifies how your company organizes and tracks people, companies and sales opportunities. With a single system of truth, your team will be more productive and can focus on what really matters: creating and retaining customers.

Customer Dashboard

USTAKİP Usta Takip Sistemi


  • Simple and useful clean design.
  • Multi-currency and language support
  • Access controls, user, role, and team management.
  • Unlimited data entries.
  • Monitor and measure key metrics across your business
  • Builder ratings.
  • Billing system
  • Aggreements and financial documents.
  • Specialist areas and minimum workmanship costs
  • Scouting reports
  • Customer complaints
  • Client survey
  • Vendor tracking system
  • Special domain name for your company.

Pricing & License Details